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Welcome to Aric's Photos!

This site is brand new but I will be working to improve the user experience. In the meantime I have only put up a few albums that have been requested and will add more as I take more. I will soon be putting up other photos I have taken from my picutres of architecture to photos I have taken of and on roller coasters. I hope you enjoy my site and if there are any problems please let me know by emailing

Please use the rating system to help me know what types of pictures people perfer and to allow others to find the better pictures faster.

Recent Photos:

~ Las Vegas ~ May 18-21, 2010

~ Godspell ~ August 12, 2008

~ Alice in Wonderland ~ July 28, 2008

~ Androcles and the Lion ~ July 21, 2008

~ Riverside - Frank Lloyd Wright ~ April 11, 2008

~ Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat ~ March 15, 2008

~ Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat ~ March 16, 2008

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